At Your Mortgage Team, we specialise in first home loans in New Zealand. We understand the unique challenges that first-time buyers face and we are here to help you every step of the way. From finding the right property to financing, we will be there to provide guidance and support. Ask us how we can help you realise your property dreams today.

Get the best rates on your first home loan

For first home buyers in NZ, getting the best rates and advice can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's where Your Mortgage Team comes in.

We are experts in first home loans in New Zealand and we can help you navigate the process from start to finish. We'll work with you to find the best rates and terms, and help you save with the KiwiSaver program. Contact us today to learn more.

Why should you work with a mortgage broker for your first home loan?

Working with a mortgage broker is important for first home buyers in NZ for a variety of reasons.

First, Your Mortgage Team can help you to find the best loan for your needs. There are all kinds of home loans available, and we can help you to choose the one that best suits your financial situation. Second, we can help save you time and money by comparing interest rates and fees from different lenders, and helping to negotiate the terms of your loan. We also offer construction finance services.

We’ll help you navigate government grants

There are so many things to consider when buying your first home, from finding the right property to securing a mortgage. You may not be aware of the various government grants and subsidies that are available. At Your Mortgage Team, we can help you to navigate the process and find the right solution.

We will take into account your financial situation and goals, as well as any government grants you may be eligible for. We will then work with you to create a tailored package that meets your needs, ensuring that you get the best possible deal on your first home loan in New Zealand.

Call us today on 03 409 0700 or email to get started. You can also visit us at Level 1, 311 Hawthorne Drive in Queenstown.